Raw Organic Almonds 1kg

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Our Bio Raw Organic Almond Supernuts are an extra nutritious addition to your day.

We encourage you to activate them and discover the full power of their healthy properties!

  • Raw & freshly harvested
  • From the local bio farmers
  • Bought in whole pieces
  • Organic certified
  • 0% additives

Why activate your nuts? 

Nuts are naturally full of protein and vitamin E. They are good for your skin, eyes, heart, brain, and blood pressure. 
But... activating them makes them even healthier!
Activated (sprouted) nuts are created by soaking the raw nuts in water to stimulate germination, aka they start to grow. 
The change in the seed releases the availability of vitamins and minerals and makes them easier to digest.


Nutritional Facts (100g):

Energy (kJ/kcal) 2400/578 1821/437

Fat (g) 42,2 23,7

- of which saturates (g) 9,1 5,9

Carbohydrates (g) 30,5 49,9

- of which sugars (g) ) 0,0 29,2

Fibre (g) 2,9 10,2

Protein (g) 20,6 11,2

Salt (g) 0,0

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