Premium Collection Box - Creamy Delights

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Manufacturer: My Raw Joy
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product Description

If you are looking for an extraordinary ready-made gift to add to your brand, you have just found it.

This box contains a set of the world's first raw & vegan pralines with an extra creamy filling, that will be a real gourmet experience.

This carefully crafted custom-made box features an arranged collection of all our raw cream choco bars. 

Not only does it give guilt-free indulgence, but it also takes you on a delicious journey with flavours ranging from fruity raspberry and delectable nougat to superfoods like guarana. 

In line with our commitment to making the healthiest premium chocolate, these goodies are 100% free of refined sugar, organic, and made of raw Peruvian cacao that perfectly blends with delicate and scrumptious creams on the inside.

This box comes with an elegant ribbon and can be a ready-made gift for Christmas or any other special occasion.

Included in this gift box:

  • 2x Cream Choco Bar - Caramel Cream
  • 2x Cream Choco Bar - Nougat Cream
  • 2x Cream Choco Bar - Strawberry Cream
  • 2x Cream Choco Bar - Raspberry Cream
  • 2x Cream Choco Bar - Rawffee Cream
  • 2x Cream Choco Bar - Blueberry Cream
  • 2x Cream Choco Bar - Banana Cream
  • 2x Cream Choco Bar - Peppermint Cream
  • 2x Cream Choco Bar - Fruits & Caramel Cream

About My Raw Joy Chocolate Bars:

  • Made of the finest raw ingredients: Raw Peruvian cacao and coconut palm sugar
  • 100% of plant-based
  • Certified organic
  • Raw → processed below 42° C
  • Super creamy
  • Handmade
  • No refined sugar
  • No dodgy industrial ingredients

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