About My Raw Joy

About My Raw Joy snacks

My Raw Joy is a producer of raw vegan snacks based in Prague, Czech Republic.

When we started our business, it was never "just" about healthy food, but about really spreading joy through nutritious, lovingly made products that help people live healthier lives. As a family company, we want to support our customers and our partners in creating abundant, joyful and radiant lives.

Important facts about My Raw Joy Products

  • We are fully raw, vegan, organic certified, gluten free and free of refined sugar
  • Our mission is to make healthy and clean eating into a true gourmet experience, instead of sacrificing either health or taste
  • We are the market leader in the gourmet raw food space
  • Our raw food range is among the broadest on the market, offering everything from raw smoothie bowl blends to finely crafted chocolates and spreads
  • All products are palm oil free and made without additives and preservatives, which even in health foods are frequently used to make production quicker or extend the shelf life of products
  • We source only sustainable ingredients from organic agriculture
  • We have partnered up with the organization One Tree Planted and are aiming to help plant more than 10.000 trees by the end of next year by donating part of our profits to them
  • What truly sets us apart is that we don't save money by sacrificing taste and quality. For example, there are many organic food producers out there that will make their energy bars based on dates, because they are cheap materials to source. When you look at our raw cookies, which can be compared to energy bars, you will see that the major ingredient is cashews, which are much more expensive than dates but allow for a much more refined taste and texture
  • And by the way, on that note, we are the first and only company to produce raw energy cookies in our unique snack format
  • The same goes for our chocolate cream bars - we are the only company making raw chocolate bars with a filling, because it is actually a process that requires a lot of finesse and hours, and many producers simply aren't willing to put this time in
  • Our chocolate products in general are all made in a traditional process, where finest cacao butter and powder are blended over many hours. With some other raw chocolate products, it is common to see "cacao mass" as the first ingredient listed in the back, which means that the process of production may not be as refined or time-consuming, creating a more sandy texture in many cases
  • All My Raw Joy products are made with love in a family-run business. We take great care to pay and treat our employees fairly. This is also shown by our rather low employee turnover and the fact that many employees have been with us since our early days.

Information about the brand


All our products are made from raw organic ingredients and are free of refined sugar, processed at low temperatures, gulten-free and free of preservatives of fillers. We took our favourite snacks and made them in their healthiest version possible. This means that every My Raw Joy product you eat is geared towards maximum taste and nutrition without cutting corners. Unlike too many snacks on the market, we never use cheap varieties of any ingredient and refuse to work with fillers like different milk powders or cheap substitutes.


Easy! Making raw snacks simply means processing the foods at low temperatures (below 42°C), and avoiding use of products that are often roasted such as nuts or cacao beans, but instead processing them in the most raw state available. Artisan chocolate an be made with the same traditional production processes as conventional chocolate. Baked goods like our cookies and chips can also be created at low temperatures, where the products are slowly air-dried at low temperatures instead of being baked.


Processing or cooking food at high temperatures (anything above 45°C) reduces its vital nutrients and enzymes, the very components of the food that keep us healthy, give us energy and make us feel satisfied. Including more raw foods in your diet increases your intake of fiber and provides your body with the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes needed to elevate your wellbeing. Additionally, eating food in its raw, natural form ensures you avoid consuming harmful preservatives or additives.


Complex carbohydrates break down slowly and thus don't cause an insulin surge (also known a sugar high). Complex carbs are healthy for you when eaten in the proper proportion with healthy fats and protein. My Raw Joy makes a variety of high quality snacks to help you achieve this balance. Examples of complex carbs are raw fruit ingredients, soaked raw nuts & seeds and dates. On the other hand, refined or simple carbohydrates are very low in nutrients and typically your body to overproduce insulin, resulting in range of health problems. These carbs include refined flours and sugar found in bread, candy, pasta, soda drinks and conventional chips.


All products are 100%:

  • raw (processed below 42'C
  • vegan (fully plant-based)
  • organic certified
  • gluten free
  • free of refined sugar (use only...)


  • We deliver all over Europe 

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